Canadian Immigration Can Be Divided Into Two Main Categories:

canada immigration law
canada immigration law

Coming to Canada as an immigrant is an exciting opportunity. Canada is one of the best countries in the world to work and live. As one of the most popular immigration destinations, Canada attracts immigrants from all over the world.

Canada’s stable economy, high standard of living, educated population and low crime rate make it a preferred destination for immigrants worldwide. The federal government aims to bring a total of 341,000 new permanent residents to Canada in 2021, and then add hundreds of thousands more temporary Residents. Why not become one of them?

Permanent Residence
If you want to change your residency and live in Canada, you need a permanent Canada visa.


Temporary Residence
If you want to visit, work or study in Canada, you need a temporary Canada visa.

The right Canadian immigration programme for you depends on your case, your goals and your intention to come to Canada, whether to study in Canada, work in Canada or live in Canada. There are over 60 different programmes for immigration to Canada. Having your case reviewed by an immigration lawyer will determine the best path for you.

Canadian Immigration
Permanent residence in Canada
A permanent resident is someone who has been granted permanent resident status by immigration to Canada, but who is not a Canadian citizen. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries. A person who is in Canada temporarily, such as a student or a foreign worker, is not a permanent resident.
New PR Pathway applications open
Canada plans to invite 90,000 temporary residents to become permanent residents through six new pathways .

Learn more about the latest updates for:

International Student to PR Stream

Essential and Healthcare Worker Stream

Express Entry hover icon
Express Entry Program
Canada’s immigration program that allows skilled immigrants to live and work in Canada and obtain permanent residency. Those eligible for certain federal economic immigration programs may be selected.

Federal Skilled Worker
This is for individuals who immigrate to Canada based on their personal credentials.
Business immigration symbol
Business Immigration
This is for foreign nationals who intend to start or invest in a business in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)
Find out how to apply to be selected in the different provinces of Canada.
Family sponsorship symbol
Sponsor your family
How to sponsor a family member to Canada if you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.
Temporary Work Visa
Canadian Experience Class
This is for foreign students and temporary workers with at least one year of Canadian work experience.



Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications
This application is for people who are living in Canada without legal status, but have settled and made Canada their home.
Want to learn more about the Express Entry?
Be sure to visit our page for the latest news on Canada’s Express Entry program, including the latest draws, eligibility, procedures, rules and requirements. Each Express Entry draw will have a CRS minimum score and the number of people invited.

Interested in the latest PNP draw?
Visit our page for the latest immigration news for Canada and updates on provincial nominee programs, including the latest draws, eligibility, procedures, rules and requirements. The PNP will help those who are eligible through a more expedient immigration process to permanent Canadian residency in certain provinces and territories.

Canadian Immigration
Temporary Residence in Canada: Visa to Visit, Study, Work Canada
If you want to visit, work or study in Canada, you will need a temporary visa. Temporary residence status refers to people who want to come to Canada to visit, work or study, they are coming to Canada for a temporary period and are therefore considered visitors. Here are the three types of temporary resident programmes available:

Visitor Visa or Temporary
Resident Visa (TRV)
Visitors who wish to come to Canada temporarily, for example, to take a holiday or to visit family and friends.
Float work visa symbol
Work Permit
Are you planning to work in Canada? Do you have a job offer in Canada?
Floating Study Permit Icon
Study Permit
If you intend to study in Canada and are a foreign national, you will probably need a study permit

Canadian immigration options
I would like to:
Live in Canada
Immigrating to Canada as a newcomer can be confusing to learn the daily activities in a new country. Canada can be very different from your home country, which means there is a lot to learn and explore before you arrive here. Here are some things to think about before you move so that you can adapt to the Canadian lifestyle as quickly and easily as possible.

Government laws
Banking and financing (credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, cheques, etc.)
Health care, hospitals, doctors’ offices
Cars, public transport
Education, school systems
Grocery shops, restaurants
For more information on settling in Canada, see our Living in Canada as an Immigrant page.

Residence Permit:
If you are living in Canada as a Permanent Resident , you will need a Permanent Resident Card. This card is used to prove that you have legal permanent residence in Canada. Along with your passport, this card is a travel document that you must carry when leaving and entering Canada. Generally, Canadian PR cards are issued for five years, but can also be issued for one year.

Work in Canada
Visit Canada
Study in Canada
What are the main requirements for immigration to Canada?
Canadian immigration requirements vary greatly depending on the Canadian immigration programme or visa. However, there are some important basic requirements that apply to most Canadian immigration programs. Here are some of the key requirements for immigrating to Canada via Express Entry , CEC, PNP and various other immigration programs that allow you to enter Canada.

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